Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Back to Bangkok

I got back to Bangkok a couple of days ago, in this odd state of apparent calm and return to normalcy. It doesn't take long, however, to realize that things are not back to normal. Whispered here and there words of strong criticism or open satisfaction fill the streets. New tides of state propaganda and media repression is growing, it was much easier to read websites about Thailand when i was in Italy. On the other sides rumors of disappeared bodies, of unspoken brutality, and creative retelling of events proliferates, feeding an unhealthy feeling of suspicion. In a day I have heard people on both sides of the spectrum, red and yellow, say referring to the others "they are not people, they are animals." Dehumanizing your neighbor, your colleague, your servant, your friend it has never been a good sign, anywhere.

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davidb98 said...

and guess what,

again we note that the Thais are not different... just backward