Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dispersal of Ratchaprasong or just another step closer?

Reports are coming in that the military moved into the red camps with armored vehicles and are also moving on the skytrain tracks (picture here). To follow the events take a look at reuters live report
Big columns of smoke coming from the Lumpini area, reports of red shirts pouring gasoline on some buildings in the area, and noises of helicopters all around.

For English language live coverage see Al-Jazeera here

Update: Thai media report four dead, 50 injured across Bangkok in crackdown today until now. Total death tool since the army moved to the protest 67 deaths and more then a thousand four hundred injured.


Stuz said...

Hi, I read your articles. I also search in internet your name and i discovered that you're an Harvard student.

Honestly, reading what you write and linking with your status i can't not notice how sad your being happy with this bloody war just because you're a Westerner who is there (perhaps for study purposes), you're in the middle a social and political crisis, which lets you talk and do what you do.

Maybe you should actually help instead of writing reports about the ongoing tragedy.... They are people who die. What are you doing?
Write about what happens in your warm apartment safe, go sometimes to take photos of a disaster.

Beautiful being popular eh??

lesliew said...

Stuz, you appear to be missing the point... Being there and reporting from on the spot IS helping! Claudio is an anthropologist, too, so I hardly think this is "attention-seeking" behavior... Get a life!

Carla said...

stuz, first of all you should read lesliew comment once again. maybe it will help you growning and appreciating good work.

what makes you think someone who's working so hard for transmiting information from such a difficult situation fells happy or famous 'cause of the ongoing tragedy???

also, why don't you stop and look at yourself pointing your finger to someonelse job instead of doing yours?