Saturday, 22 May 2010

events at Wat Pathumwan- reports

If you are trying to make sense of what happened on Wednesday at the Wat Pathumwan there are around some first hand accounts in english, here, here , and here

UPDATE: also a video available here and a video interview to witnesses in Thai here

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog.
I'm planning on taking my little girl on a walk from CTW to Wat Patum on Visaka Bucha day. First, to tam boon. Second, I want her to see the place. I took her on a walk around Rajaprasong, in the early day and I want her to see it now. I hope it will not frightened her. I want her to remember the result of hatred and violence. She won't understand it all, eventhough by now all children in Thailand have been exposed to verbal warfare for years and having to stop school many times as a result.

My hope is with all the digital evidence (lacking during the Black May and October 1976), her generation will not repeat our mistakes.